Hello & welcome! I’m so happy you are here! I’d like to share some things about me, to you ❤
My name is Marisol Muro & I am from Los Angeles, California. I make art in my bedroom, it’s where I run my tiny business too. I also design & make clothes, costumes, props, sell vintage, & style clothing. My inspiration comes from the past, nature, furry creatures & places I’ve seen on my travels. Collecting old junk is a long time hobby of mine. I like old diners, old clothes, old theme parks, old music, old cartoons, & old ghost towns. I have worked in the fashion industry for a long time that now I’m ready to do my own *thing*. I like learning new art mediums & crafts, basically anything that can help me bring my ideas to life. I hope you stay a while to see me build my dreamland. 
Okay, love you, byeeeeee!!