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Visiting old theme parks that are still standing today is such a treat. So many have been demolished, so we are lucky we get to visit them at all! Here is a list of some popular, still functioning theme parks. But please note, because of the pandemic they are most likely currently closed. They still need our support to survive through these tough times though, so please support them any way you can! If there's one that I missed, please let me know so I can add them to the list.

Enchanted Forest - Turner, OR



Pixie Woods - Stockton, CA


Fairy-Tale Forest - Oak Ridge, NJ


Storyland - Glen, New Hampshire 


Storyland - New Orleans, LA


Land of Oz - North Carolina


Lakeside Park - Denver, CO


Fairytale Town- Sacramento, CA


Children's Fairyland- Oakland, CA




Fairyland Caverns- Lookout Mountain, GA  




Enchanted Forest Water Safari- Old Forge, NY



Magic Forest - Lake George, NY


Storybook Land - Township, NJ


Santa's Village- Skyforest, CA


Storyland - Fresno, CA


Happy Hollow - San Jose, CA



 Storybook land - Aberdeen, SD



Gilroy Gardens - Gilroy, CA


  • I remember going to Children’s Fairyland in Oakland, CA as a child. I have a specific memory of ‘not feeling well’ one day and my dad stayed home with me. But, we didn’t stay home! He took me to Fairyland; up close that big whales mouth was actually kind of scary! But you got special keys that unlocked little stories at different boxes around the park. Then even had a tiny Ferris Wheel. Afterward, my dad showed me where he grew up and we had lunch and ice cream at Fenton’s Creamery. Thank you for the wistful nostalgia!

  • I used to go to Children’s Fairyland all the time! It was so much fun! It is still there, I saw the whale and instantly knew it was fairyland. This is newer I think but they have keys that you can use around the park and it will read you a story! The worst part of the park is that you need a little kid to go in.

    Eamon B
  • I go to a Storybook Land in Aberdeen, SD all the time! It’s definitely more modern, but it still has a lot of the old attractions and statues!

  • Oh wow! This takes me way back. I didn’t know there were other Enchanted Forests in other states. I had a birthday party when I was very little at the Enchanted Forest in Maryland! That park has been gone for years. This post brought up nice memories.

    Susanne K
  • I just went to Story Land in NH and it was amaaaaazing!

    Jen M

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